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The process of understanding and confronting gender identity and sexuality/sexual orientation can be difficult in a world that is often quick to judge. 



I sit with many adolescents who are working through this process and need a safe, non-judgmental place to explore this transition and what it means for their lives/loved ones.  With all the tumult of adolescence, many teens grab onto labels and identities in order to feel some stability and belonging with a group.  This identity may end up fitting, or it may be adjusted later as they continue to develop.  However a person goes through this process, it is imperative that they have a loving support system and a place to openly explore their thoughts and feelings throughout the transition phase.  I also work closely with family members (with the teen’s permission only) to help them understand and adapt to the transition.  Change is hard for everyone involved. 


I also work with adults and couples who identify as LGBTQIA+.  Some individuals are in the process of transitioning their identity and others have integrated this part of themselves but are struggling with loved ones or ongoing stigma.  I work with each individual to process their experiences and help them find their strength to address challenges.  

My approach is person-centered.  This means I meet the person where they are in their journey (not pushing my own agenda or someone else’s) and come along-side them to process what is going on for them.  Sometimes people find it helpful to know where they are in the transition and what other people have done to get through this experience.  I also provide educational

guidance on what certain things mean and on the identity development process.   I work to help individuals see hope and channel their most resilient selves.

LBGTQIA+: Welcome
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