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Image by Ravi Roshan

Comments from Current and Previous Clients

*All comments reprinted with permission

** Organized by specialty, please scroll to desired speciality

Adolescent/Young Adult Clients and Their Parents

"When my parents told me I was going to start counseling I was like, you can drag me into the room but I’m not talking.  I was thinking, whoever this person is is going to try and make me talk and ask a ton of questions.  Good luck to them, they’re getting nothing. 


My first session with Hannah I pretty much stuck to that.  She was really nice and all but I wasn’t budging.  I was kind of surprised because she didn’t get mad and try to make me.  It was different than what I am used to with most adults.  I agreed to play a game with her and decided I was okay to talk a little. 


I’ve been going to Hannah for about a year and I actually like going.  I don’t feel like I have to talk but I mostly want to now. I feel better after being there. 


If I don’t want to talk about hard stuff that day, it’s okay and we play a game and talk about anime and other stuff I like.  If I do want to talk about hard stuff, that’s good too and I know she will listen and not judge me." -from a 14 year-old client

"Hannah has an amazing amount of patience!  I also love her willingness to have sessions with parents through the lens of how to help your child (if the child agrees that it's okay).


At first, my child was extremely hesitant.  Even after several sessions of resistance from my kid, Hannah hung with us until my daughter was ready.  Now my kid knows she needs Hannah’s help to process parts of her life. 


My daughter goes to Hannah willingly now! 


My advice would be to have parent sessions too. I think it is so helpful that Hannah is willing to meet with all family members if the kid is okay with it." -from a Parent


"The best thing about seeing Hannah for therapy is knowing there is a safe space to talk about anything I need to. Hannah gets to know you as a person and structures your sessions to what works best for you.

My mood has gotten consistently better and I’ve found myself to have more energy to go through the day when I’m not weighted down by worries and anxieties.


My confidence and awareness has gotten so much better since I began therapy with Hannah. I’m now able to realize what is negative self-talk, as well as negativity around me, and how to deal with and rationalize it.


I like seeing Hannah because the sessions are focused around you. What you want to talk about and what you’d rather wait to talk about. Even if you don’t want to talk, that’s cool too! I know some sessions there would be more games/drawing rather than a straight conversation. The sessions were very personalized. I mentioned how I was drawn towards the more “scientific” and “logical” approach and how things worked, and Hannah would give me articles with studies and facts to read and would break down certain things to help me understand. 


Therapy with Hannah is very free and welcoming. The office has a very homey feel and I’ve never felt uncomfortable or uneasy.

My advice- make sure your therapist is a good fit for you! My first therapist I went to before Hannah was not a good match for me, and I didn’t start seeing progress until I started going to Hannah.-from an 18 year-old client


"Like many teenagers, our son doesn’t want to share his intimate thoughts and feelings with his parents which limits our ability to help him. But because he will open-up to Hannah, we can allow him to have the natural separation he needs from us while making sure he has the care he needs to be safe and healthy. 


With Hannah on our team the responsibilities of parenting feel lighter and more manageable. With Hannah in our corner, there is less guesswork about what our teenager needs and less questioning, “Are we doing the right thing?”


Hannah very skillfully helped us work as a family to clear up misunderstandings and establish better communication with our teenager. This will have positive impacts on my son and his self-esteem for years to come.  


Since our son began therapy, I can sleep better at night knowing that Hannah has in-depth knowledge and understanding about how our son is feeling and coping. It brings a lot of peace to know he has someone he can talk to about things he is less comfortable sharing with us, as his parents. I trust Hannah completely to let us know if there are concerns we need to address while also respecting my teenager’s need for privacy.


Because it was a new experience, he was nervous the first few times he went to therapy, but he now looks forward to it and goes willingly and happily.


It was very helpful to meet with Hannah prior to bringing in our teenager so that we could freely express our concerns, get to know her and develop trust in her skills. She is very attentive to any updates we send her way and has been very responsive to the needs of our teenager and us as his parents.-from a Parent 

"My child has benefited immensely from going to Hannah.  It is a safe place for her to work through things and she learns skills that will help her cope now and in the future.  My child has been able to process traumatic times from her past and those experiences do not control/overtake her like they used to.     

She works well and collaborates with the other mental health professionals our child sees.  The EMDR and Dialectical Behavior Therapy skills she has taught our child are amazing.  Hannah is making an impact on our child, which then impacts our family positively.  We are blessed to have found Hannah!"-from a Parent

Adult Clients

"In therapy with Hannah I have learned to work through the things that would usually eat me up inside. Therapy with Hannah is not just “how does that make you feel” therapy. It is so much more!


The most helpful thing is about therapy with Hannah is a toss-up between the conversations we have and the EMDR [Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing]. I found in working with Hannah, I can tell her anything and have never felt judged. That should be a given with therapy, but that has not been my experience. I feel comfortable with Hannah and my emotions/thoughts are nothing to be ashamed of. 


Comforting is the best word I can think of to describe working with Hannah. I have told her things that I have never been able to say out loud to anyone. She helped me realize my thoughts are just thoughts and they don’t have to define who I am.

Hannah doesn’t just listen. She realized early on that I need suggestions on how to deal with things and the experience has been interactive as opposed to me only talking things out like with previous therapy. Hannah gives me practical and practicable direction. 


If you want someone that can genuinely engage and help, Hannah is the one to see!" -from an adult client


"Since beginning therapy with Hannah, I am no longer experiencing anxiety on a daily basis, which I had frankly given up on.


After 5 years of it, I fully expected to just live like that forever. I’m happy to say I’m in my 3rd full week of a complete absence of anxiety/depression, and I know what I have to do to keep things that way.


Hannah is very patient and makes me feel comfortable talking to her without overthinking what I’m saying or worrying that I’ll be judged. When she spots something in my logic or self-analysis that she either wants to validate or redirect, she does so in a way that feels collaborative rather than corrective or judgmental.


She always has something unique to add to a problem that I didn’t see before.


Hannah is attentive, and obviously engaged in our conversation. It is clear during our meetings that she either remembers the things I say or takes and reviews thorough notes about our prior meetings. Seeing her for therapy is always a great relief because I feel that she knows what I’m experiencing and has given a lot of thought to how we proceed through all of it. I don’t feel intimidated, judged, or embarrassed when I talk to her about anything. Lots of trust there!" -from an adult client

"After seeing Hannah for over a year and a half now, I feel beyond lucky to have found her. Since I was 11 years old, I have seen therapist after therapist (due to moving reasons) and never have I felt more connected to a therapist in the past 17 years. 


From the moment I walked into Hannah's office for the first time, and overwhelming level of comfort embraced me. The feel of her office, and her empathizing and calming nature. It is always hard to walk into a new therapist's office, but with Hannah, I felt like I had known her for years. 


Hannah is nonjudgmental and her willingness to talk about my week between sessions and/or allot the entire session for EMDR has been really helpful as I feel like I should be focusing on EMDR, yet there are so many things happening to me on a weekly basis that sometimes I just need to talk out my previous week.


I have learned so much more about myself than I have ever thought possible since seeing Hannah. She brings so much insight into each session and it has helped me to understand where I may not be seeing rationally.

Hannah is also really great about getting back to emails, thus if I am worried about something that has suddenly popped up, I am able to send her an email and expect a well thought out response within a day. 


Hannah's style focuses a lot on the different parts that make us up as a whole. I really like that because for so long I have struggled with these internal battles inside my head. Hannah is very approachable, and I have no problems bringing up anything and everything to her. 


I am so lucky to have found Hannah and I recommend her to 100% of people looking for a therapist. She is an amazing human being and I honestly don't know what I would do without her." -from an adult client


LGBTQIA+ Clients


"A helpful thing I have received through therapy with Hannah is an adult that supports and helps guide me through the process of my transition without a bias that I would get from a family member.


Before starting therapy I would cry myself to sleep every night and after the first appointment, I stopped. I saw Hannah before I came out as transgender and now I am out and on testosterone. Hannah has helped me get to where I am today in my transition and I am still benefiting from seeing her.


Hannah makes sure you are always benefiting from seeing her by changing how your appointments are for your needs and what you are comfortable with.


When I look back to my first appointment with Hannah, I remember being really scared and nervous to meet her. As soon as the appointment started Hannah made sure I felt safe and, quickly, I was glad I came. I have been seeing Hannah on and off for about two years now and I have never switched therapists or thought of finding someone new.


When I go to my appointments I get to decide what I want to talk about, and if I don’t know what to talk about, Hannah always remembers what I have talked about in the past appointments in which she thinks I may want to recap or work on more.


I highly recommend Hannah for LGBTQ  teens (or anyone) because she has helped me with my transition, anxiety, and depression.

I have recommended Hannah to friends that are looking for a therapist because Hannah has helped me so much and I know that they will have a good experience with her." -from a 17 year old client


Clients Healing from Trauma​


"My psychotherapist and psychiatrist both recommended EMDR [Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing] after I went through a traumatic experience.  The most helpful thing about seeing Hannah for EMDR therapy has been being able to stop replaying certain disturbing images or scenarios in my mind.  These haunting images kept being replayed over and over in my mind and were driving me almost insane. No matter what I tried I could not stop seeing them.


After a few sessions I started cooking again.  I had not cooked for almost a year.  I started to gain hope that I could see a light at the end of the long trauma/grief related tunnel.  My mind seemed to function smoother.  I likened EMDR to a disk defragment on a computer.  It allowed all my thoughts to be organized or grouped more efficiently so my mind functioned better with less effort. 


Hannah is very down to earth, easy going and compassionate.  She is always prepared, has helpful handouts and other resources.  Hannah also is mindful of the patient during the EMDR process and always gives you the option to slow things down if it gets too emotional.  She also brings you back to a relaxed and calm state before the end of the session.  She is extremely professional and knowledgeable.

If you suffered any kind of trauma that you feel has and continues to affect your life, I would highly recommend EMDR therapy, especially with Hannah.  Everyone that I have spoken to that has done it is very pleased with the results.  Relief from the trauma can be gained quicker than conventional therapy.  Life is too short to suffer indefinitely." -from an adult client

I am convinced EMDR saved my life.  I was in so much emotional pain when I started seeing Hannah and she was able to recognize pain from my past that I had been self-medicating and not dealing with.  The ways I was handling the pain was causing more pain and making life unbearable. 

I could tell Hannah really knew what she was doing and I was not a guinea pig.  She knew about all of the research and was obviously well trained.  She was very caring and calming through the whole process and I did not feel judged. We started doing EMDR and, for the first half of the session, it was really hard to think about everything I had been avoiding.  Then, in what seemed kind of miraculous, it started to feel better.  I put some things together that I hadn’t before and the pain calmed down. 


I am feeling so much better and not doing any of the self-destructive things I was doing before.  Things are looking up! -from an adult client





"The most helpful thing for about going to Hannah for couples counseling was learning how to better interact with each other. We learned to listen, hear the other person and understand their feelings and why they feel the way they do before we start trying to fix issues. We learned to be aware of vicious cycles and avoid getting absorbed into unproductive conversations.


We were in a place where we could not listen to each other without anger or frustration, and needed somebody else who could see our point. Seeing a counselor who listened and understood each one of us, and was then able to identify the issue and make gentle recommendations regarding what might help our relationship made a great difference. At the end of each session we would find a positive goal for our relationship and Hannah would give us recommendations for what we could do to achieve it.

We are now able to work together as a team again, doing regular check-in sessions. We communicate better. We can have discussions about problems without getting angry and are able to talk things out and make positive changes. Our check-in sessions that Hannah taught us help us stay on top of our busy lives and help us stay connected as we discuss raising our child, work, household chores, and other projects.

Hannah has showed great patience and empathy for us and our story. She listens without judgement and understand each one of us. She then can look for a way to compromise and make it work for both of us, which in the end helps our relationship. Her calm demeanor makes it easy to talk to her, and her guidance helped us navigate through our problems and discover a way out.

If you are looking for a counselor who will listen with great patience and without judgment, remember you and your story from session to session, understand your feelings and why you feel the way you do, identify the issues and then make gentle recommendations based on clear positive goals for your relationship, then I would greatly recommend Hannah for your relationship counseling needs."-from an adult couple

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