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Helping Your Body and Mind Heal After Trauma

Living through a significant loss or trauma can change you.  You might feel like you have lost a part of yourself or feel like no one understands and you are alone. 

This is not your fault. 

This is actually a built-in mechanism that all humans have to help us survive. When your brain gets a sign that you are in danger (whether you are actually in danger or not), it switches into survival mode and sometimes it has a hard time shifting back. This can change how you feel most of the time (for example: on edge, mood all over the place, trouble relaxing, trouble concentrating, etc.) 


Ready for the good news?

Research has shown that certain therapies consistently lead to healing and help your brain shift out of survival mode so you can feel better.  I am trained in several of these therapeutic techniques.  


When I work with someone who has experienced trauma, I do not apply a one-size-fits-all approach.  I honor that every person is different and trauma impacts everyone differently.  Some people come to see me ready to make change and raring to go.  Others want to take it slower and talk through things first.  No one is wrong and I meet every person where they are.   


Since trauma impacts an individual's brain and body as well as one's psyche, talk therapy alone is not as effective as talk therapy combined with an added trauma therapy.  I am trained in both Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Eye-Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR).   I combine these approaches with talk therapy to create a trauma treatment that is tailored to your needs.  Please click below if you want to learn more about EMDR. 



Trauma Counseling: Services

"If you suffered any kind of trauma that you feel has and continues to affect your life, I would highly recommend EMDR therapy, especially with Hannah.  Everyone that I have spoken to that has done it is very pleased with the results.  Relief from the trauma can be gained quicker than conventional therapy.  Life is too short to suffer indefinitely."  

— Tansy S.

"I am convinced EMDR has saved my life.  I was in so much emotional pain when I started seeing Hannah and she was able to recognize pain from my past that I had been self-medicating and not dealing with.  The ways I was handling the pain was causing more pain and making life unbearable.  I am feeling so much better and not doing any of the self-destructive things I was doing before.  Things are looking up!"

— Anonymous Adult


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