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I have had many of my teen clients tell me that they like coming to talk to me because I am “real” and do not lecture them.

If your child is hesitant to begin counseling or might benefit from more information about seeing me for counseling, please click the button below for a form you can give to your child with more information just for them.


While I value clear boundaries, I also think it is incredibly important to be genuine in the therapeutic relationship and my adolescent clients see this.  Adolescents tend to have an amazing radar for pretense and inauthenticity (in adults especially).  


Many people in an adolescent’s life have the very important (and often difficult) task of teaching them and shaping the adults who they become (parents, teachers, pastors, etc.)  Adolescents must have these adults in their lives in order to function and develop into their best selves.  My role is complementary to these but different. I provide an environment where adolescents can explore their experiences and life stories in order to discover what is and is not working for them.  In order to provide this environment, I do not lecture but deeply listen and point out nuances in their stories.  I work to ask questions that help them see what is and is not working for them and reflect their thoughts and feelings back to them. 

Most adolescents have an amazing ability to grow and become more effective in their lives once they feel heard and can be honest with themselves. 


        Teen Specialties
  • Anxiety Disorders

  • Mood Disorders (Major Depressive Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, etc.)

  • Trauma and grief (experiences that exceed one’s ability to cope, the loss of a loved-one, etc.)

  • Self-harm and/or suicidal ideation

  • Acting out (pushing limits/boundaries, manipulation and lying, oppositional behavior, etc.)

  • Feelings of rejection or not belonging

  • Transitions (moving, parental divorce, ending of relationships, changing schools, etc.)

  • School difficulties (school anxiety, procrastination, perfectionism, etc.)

  • Unhealthy relationships (toxic friendships or intimate relationships, etc.)

  • Difficulty launching (moving from adolescence to adulthood, moving out of family home/away from parents, trouble "adulting")

  • LGBTQIA+ (Click below to learn more)

Counseling for Adolescents and Young Adults: Welcome

​"Before starting therapy with Hannah I would cry myself to sleep every night and after the first appointment, I stopped. Hannah has helped me get to where I am today and I am still benefiting from seeing her.​  


I have recommended Hannah to friends who are looking for a therapist because Hannah has helped me so much and I know that they will have a good experience with her. " 

—17 year-old client

"The best thing about seeing Hannah for therapy is knowing there is a safe space to talk about anything I need to. Hannah gets to know you as a person and structures your sessions to what works best for you. 


My confidence and self-awareness has gotten so much better since I began therapy with Hannah. I’m now able to realize what is negative self-talk, as well as negativity around me, and how to deal with and rationalize it."

18 year-old client

"With Hannah on our team the responsibilities of parenting feel lighter and more manageable. With Hannah in our corner, there is less guesswork about what our teenager needs and less questioning, “Are we doing the right thing?”


Hannah very skillfully helped us work as a family to clear up misunderstandings and establish better communication with our teenager. This will have positive impacts on my son and his self-esteem for years to come." 

— Parent of a Teen Client

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